Design Thinking Lab

The Design Thinking Lab is a new initiative at the University of Tartu Pärnu College, where students and faculty collaborate to solve challenges for organisations. Let’s bring your plans to life together!

Design Thinking Lab


Lab objectives

The objective of the Design Thinking Lab is to popularise the use of design thinking methodology in the development of products and services for private, public, and non-profit organisations, and to provide supporting services for this purpose. As an academic institution, we apply research-based methods, but we believe in and can utilise the creative approach inherent in design. As a part of the University of Tartu, we can involve faculty (both from the college and, if needed, the university at large), as well as students and alumni in your organisation’s development projects. With over 10 years of teaching design thinking and service design at the college, we can also leverage a network of 100+ alumni.

Feel free to contact us so we can determine which service and team would be the best fit for solving your specific challenges!

What problem are you planning to solve?

Do you need more customers for your service or product? Are your employees frequently changing, or are your customers dissatisfied? Are your days filled with solving the same problems hastily, and you’re only now planning to prevent any future issues?

What’s the best solution?

If you know exactly what problem needs to be solved but lack the time or team to develop an exciting solution, we can find the experts and work together to create the best solution.

High-quality implementation of the solution

A project is more likely to succeed when those solving the problem are involved in its implementation. We can assist in the execution of the solution, providing visual design and supporting activities, such as project management.

Design Thinking Lab

Additional information

Birgit Prikk
Service Designer