Registrering for a course

By registering for a course, students express their decision to complete the course and thus, the university assumes the right to evaluate the student’s performance in the course and ask for feedback in the Study Information System about learning and teaching.

Registration for the courses begins on a date specified in the academic calendar, in May for the courses of the next autumn semester and in December for the courses of the next spring semester. Registration ends by the beginning of the respective semester unless otherwise specified in the course. First-semester students can start registrering for compulsory courses at the beginning of the academic year; registration lasts for at least two weeks.

All students must register for courses they want to take in the Study Information System (SIS, or ÕIS in Estonian).


Study Information System (SIS, or ÕIS in Estonian)


Courses may have registration limitations:

  • compulsory prerequisite courses
  • completed curriculum/curricula
  • completed course(s)
  • level of study (bachelor, master, etc)
  • curriculum
  • qualification acquired
  • maximum number of participants
  • form of study
  • location of study

For three weeks from the start of registration for the course, registration may be restricted based on your faculty, institute or college.

If the deadline for registration for subjects has expired, students, visiting students and external students of UT Pärnu College must contact an academic affairs specialist to register for college subjects.


Guidelines for registration


Exceptions regarding part-time students

Part-time students must register for courses each semester unless they only need to take the final exam or defend the graduation thesis to complete the curriculum. 

Part-time students can be exmatriculated on the initiative of the university for the failure to register for the courses within two weeks of the start of the semester without a good reason.


Cancelling registrations for courses

Students have the right to cancel registration for a course within two weeks of the first contact learning session or within a different term specified for the course. In this case, the student has the right to register for another course upon agreement with the teaching staff member in charge of that course, but only within two weeks from the first contact learning session of that course or within the term for cancelling registration specified for the course.

Contact learning means studies in which both the student and the teaching staff member participate at the same time, including studies occurring in real time using two-way audio and video communication.