The travel wall

In the summer of 2014, Martin Siiman, a student at Pärnu College who was a trainee in Greece at the time, sent a postcard to the college encouraging us to choose a wall in the building where we could put up postcards from college students going on adventures, which would become a travel wall. Martin was the one who started compiling the wall with the postcard he sent.

We are living in such an electronic world that handwritten letters sent by mail have a special value. The first ones to respond to Martin's idea were the college staff who sent their warm greetings from Klaipeda while on an assignment abroad. This made us realise that the travel wall is not just an initiative connecting students but the entire college family. And it could unite us, the alumni, too.

We decided to support Martin's idea and launched a campaign to support the travel wall. In the video, the wall behind Maksim was first covered with magnetic paint and then with chalkboard paint on which the world map of ca 2 x 4 m was drawn.

On the travel wall we attach postcards sent by all college students, staff and alumni throughout one calendar year. Your greetings from under palm trees or from snowy hills remain on display for the entire year.

At the end of each year, we collect the postcards from the wall and store them in the college archives according to the respective year. When any major event (college anniversaries, alumni reunions) takes place, we release all the cards from the archives so that everyone could read them on the wall.

We thank Devori Kaubanduse AS who decided to support the travel wall.

We are grateful also to all the college alumni, staff and good friends who have supported the travel wall project financially or physically.

Dear college student, employee or alumnus, you are welcome to send your postcard to Pärnu College so that we could hang it up on the travel wall.

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