Research Centre

As a successor to the Tourism Competence Centre the college Research Centre integrates into a whole all relevant competences in the field – tourism, social work, entrepreneurship, service design whereas the welfare and resource economy have been added as new areas. 

Offering partnerships to both the public and private sector the Research Centre mediates knowledge and experience through many activities, including mentoring destination and tourism companies, providing development consultations, carrying out applied research, monitoring development plans in the field, preparing and conducting thematic pilot and research projects, and participating in international networks and service design and product development projects. 

The Research Centre supports the research and development activities at the college, the involvement of staff and students in research, and collaborates at the regional, national and international levels. In addition, it ensures that the college’s academic and professional achievements are reflected in both scientific articles and media publications. 

The first project of the Research Centre in 2021 was a study commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications entitled “Impact of COVID-19 on tourism-specific industries and associated influence on other sectors of the economy”. In 2022, in cooperation with the Finnish partner university, it is planned to establish a service laboratory as a sub-unit to the research centre, where entrepreneurs, experts and students can collaborate to develop better and innovative solutions for various services.

If you have any suggestions for cooperation or consultation, please contact us. 

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