R&D activities

Our overarching goal is to foster a forward-thinking, and socially responsible economy. To achieve this, we prioritise enhancing the competitiveness of our economy through a multifaceted approach, emphasising innovation, incubation, and the development of essential competencies.

Central to Pärnu College strategy


Central to our strategy is the raising of entrepreneurial awareness and the creation of a well-prepared and qualified workforce. This involves a symbiotic relationship between entrepreneurship and education, ensuring that students' career paths align seamlessly with the specific needs of Pärnu county.

Recognising the pivotal role of knowledge transfer, we acknowledge that our current challenge lies in the qualification of human capital. While we possess strengths in various domains, the transition to a knowledge-intensive economic structure is impeded by the need for a more qualified workforce. Addressing this gap is crucial for propelling our economy into a future characterized by innovation and sustainable growth.

Research Centre

International cooperation

KOBAR – a cluster for cooperation between entrepreneurs and business stakeholders

KOBAR is a platform for entrepreneurial cooperation between entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship support structures and educational institutions in Pärnu County, aiming to find the best solutions for entrepreneurial growth and the development of the region. As a collaborative platform, KOBAR includes both physical (premises at the University of Tartu Pärnu College) and virtual environments. Core partners of KOBAR are Pärnu County Development Centre/Business Incubator and UT Pärnu College.

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Design Thinking Lab

The Design Thinking Lab is a new initiative at the University of Tartu Pärnu College, where students and faculty collaborate to solve challenges for organisations. Let’s bring your plans to life together!

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