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The University of Tartu Pärnu College is dedicated to addressing critical regional challenges through research-based solutions, with a particular focus on key areas, such as tourism, social innovation, entrepreneurship, and service design. Additionally, we are exploring emerging fields of interest, including marine ecology and resource management.

Pärnu College Research Centre

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Our collaborative efforts extend to both the public and private sectors, fostering knowledge exchange through diverse activities, such as mentoring, development consultations, and applied research. We are committed to supporting research and development initiatives within the college, involving both staff and students in meaningful research activities and fostering collaborations at regional, national, and international levels. We also actively participate in international networks.

Furthermore, we take pride in ensuring the widespread dissemination of the college's academic and professional achievements. This is accomplished through the publication of scientific articles and media publications, showcasing the valuable contributions and advancements made by our institution in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

If you have any suggestions for cooperation or consultation, please contact us.

An overview of the research fields can be found on the University of Tartu research dashboard (Faculty: SV, Unit: SVPC).

Pärnu kolledž talvelt

Design Thinking Lab

The Design Thinking Lab is a new initiative at the University of Tartu Pärnu College, where students and faculty collaborate to solve challenges for organisations. Let’s bring your plans to life together!

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Head of Department,Development Manager
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Speakers from each field are invited to give engaging presentations in Estonian or English, outlining the importance and results of their research.
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The public event takes place on Thursday, 28 September, in the conference hall of the University of Tartu Library.
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The University of Tartu doctoral students are invited to participate in the three-minute thesis competition on 28 September.