Student and alumni life

Student life is active at UT Pärnu College and enriches the years of university studies with many interesting events, some of which have already become a tradition, such as the freshman party, Christmas party, Time Out, etc. The college has a lot to offer – sports groups, a student theatre, the business idea development program STARTER@Pärnumaa and, of course, the student union representing the interests and rights of our students.

They are active and full of ideas in organising fun events. Who else would know more about what students want than the students themselves, right? The college is there for the union to support the realisation of almost every idea they have.

Want to make student life more exciting?

If this is the moment you came up with a great idea, do not keep it to yourself! Tell us and let us make it happen by contacting Marketing Specialist Sandra Peegel at, +372 5690 8334.

Student union

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Alumni life

Alumni life is headed by the alumni council of Pärnu College, which was founded by our active alumni in March 2007. The alumni council strives to unite college alumni and set up a network of contacts in order to maintain a connection between the alumni and the college, manage the exchange of information and organise joint events and gatherings.


Alumni council