Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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If you have any questions about the admission and studies at UT Pärnu College, you may find the answer here:

How many applications can I submit for admission to UT Pärnu College?

You can submit up to two applications for one study level at a time, including the applications for other curricula of the University of Tartu, Narva College or Viljandi Culture Academy.

If it is possible to study in one curriculum in both full-time and part-time studies (as in the case of the Tourism and Hotel Management curriculum), two separate applications must be submitted if you wish to apply for both forms of study.

How big is the competition?

How many people applied for this curriculum last year? How big is the competition? What was the score of the last person admitted? How many candidates were admitted to the curriculum?

You can find answers to all these questions in the statistics page.

 What does the threshold level mean?

A threshold level of 80 points has been set for the full-time curricula of Entrepreneurship and Project Management and Tourism and Hotel Management. This means that all the candidates who achieve the threshold level will be admitted to the university.

In case there are vacant study places in the curriculum with a fixed threshold level, these will be filled with student candidates who are below the threshold level on the basis of their ranking.

If there are more candidates achieving the threshold level than there are study places, will only as many students be admitted as there are study places?

For everyone who achieves the threshold level a study place is guaranteed, regardless of the number of study places. If the curriculum has 30 study places and 32 student candidates achieve the threshold level, all 32 candidates will be admitted.

What is a speciality test?

A speciality test or an entrance examination or an interview is a prerequisite for admission to the applied higher education curricula of UT Pärnu College. The results of state exams are not taken into account when entering the UT Pärnu College. The description of the speciality test, recommendations for preparation for the test, the time and place of the test can be found on UT Pärnu College website. Register for a speciality test by submitting an application in SAIS.

If you have any further questions about the content and arrangement of the test, please contact our academic affairs specialists:

Urve Tammann,, +372 445 0547
Helen Viik,, +372 445 0537
Triin Eenlo,, +372 445 0521
Sülvi Mölder,, +372 445 0535