Necessary documents for studies

During your studies you need different information (e.g. guidelines for the thesis, possibilities for academic leave and other study information). The menu links on the left will help find the necessary information. Documents about studying at Pärnu College can be ordered by email. To do that send a letter to

For any particular document the following data are needed:

  1. Student’s name
  2. Content of the document (about studying, grades, etc.)

The documents are issued at the Department of Academic Affairs (or by mail or email).


Academic affairs

Studies at the University of Tartu are organised according to certain rules. For studies to be successful the student needs to know these rules. The most important document regulating studies at the university is Study Regulations.


Additional information:

Helen Viik
Academic Affairs Specialist
+372 445 0537
+372 514 8796 (8796)
Ringi 35–C117