External Students

An external student is a person who wants to:

  • continue their unfinished studies
  • raise their competence
  • broaden their horizons
  • develop their professional skills.

External students are not matriculated, i.e. they are not students. An external student is a person who has the right to complete the curriculum, including taking exams and passing evaluations for up to 30 credits (ECTS) per academic year and completing practical training and taking the final exam or defend a graduation thesis. The status of an external student is assigned for a semester or an academic year. The relationship between the external student and the university is defined by a contract between the university and the external student. The tuition fee is paid on the basis of the credit point price and the volume of credit points registered for the semester.

Necessary Documents for Studies

Academic Leave


For additional information about studying as
an external student in the UT Pärnu College:

Ms Helen Viik
Department of Academic Affairs
Tel: +372 445 0537
Email: helen.viik@ut.ee