Degree programmes taught in Estonian

Applied higher education programmes can be completed either in full-time or part-time studies (regular or block mode depending on the programme).


The Entrepreneurship and Project Management programme is meant for those who see themselves as future entrepreneurs or leaders.

The Tourism and Hotel Management programme provides students with broad economic knowledge for starting a tourism business or working in the tourism and accommodation industry.

The Social Work and Rehabilitation Administration programme trains both social workers as well as social work administrators. The current state of the health of local communities requires the constant training of new specialists in this field.

The Design Thinking and Digital Marketing is for those interested in the field. Graduates will be qualified to work as marketing specialists, digital marketers, service designers or development managers.

The Master’s curriculum of Person-Centred Social Innovation combines the competencies needed to operate in the social and health fields. Graduates can work, for example, as a development manager or social counsellor, developing the quality of services provided in their workplace.

The majority of college graduates find work in the public, private or non-profit sector. Their experience is valued by potential employers; therefore, the college arranges practical training with partner companies or receiving institutions both domestically and internationally.