Application deadline 15 March
Application deadline 15 March

Updating Wellness Education: Pärnu College's Online Master’s in Spa and Wellness Management

The world is changing, and with all the changes, we may need to stop for a while. To look around, inside ourselves and deal with our wellness. And the best place for that is somewhere with a long history of spas.

The master’s curriculum of Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management has been around at Pärnu College for almost 15 years. This means that we have a lot of knowledge about wellness and spas, and we know what we are speaking about. As the world changes, our studies also have to change with it. We have to include new topics and views. This year, we have a lot of new things to introduce to you.

Firstly, our studies will mainly take place online. This gives a significant opportunity to those who cannot leave their home country for two years. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean you cannot move to Estonia if you wish to. Each accepted candidate will get a student status, allowing them to live here and experience living in a foreign country. Also, we will meet in person at the beginning of the studies. There will be an intensive study period of 2–4 weeks during which you will meet some of your teachers, classmates, the city, the spas and, of course, Estonia. 

We have looked at our modules and courses and decided to shake some things around. There are six new modules waiting for you – Inspiration, Creation, Operation, Communication, Destination, and Finalisation. During the first year, you will get the first four modules. Always, one module in the first part and the other in the second part of the semester.  

We have added some new courses to prepare our students better for the future – Regenerative Tourism, Destination Management, Spa Nutrition and Trends, and Future Technologies. Since we know how difficult it may be for students to be far away from their classmates and do all the homework, we plan to teach a course during the first semester to help them. The course will aim for online cooperation and students working as a group. doesn’t go together with wellness, but we think that every manager should understand the story and logic behind big (and smaller) data. 

However, that doesn’t mean that we are only changing. We have been teaching the courses of Wellness Philosophy, Wellness Economy, Sustainable Development, Service Design, and Digital Marketing for a while, and we’ll keep on doing that.  

Our teachers come from different countries and teach at various universities around Europe, for example, Hungary, the United Kingdom, and Finland. To get expertise from another country, we have decided to start cooperation with Klaipeda University from Lithuania in the course Regenerative Tourism.


2 January- Application system opens

15 March- Application deadline

30 April- Admission results

2 September- Academic year starts



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