University of Tartu invites students and alumni to mentoring programme

Until 7 February, students and alumni of the University of Tartu can once again apply to participate in the mentoring programme. The programme organised since 2017 aims to bring together active students and successful alumni to provide an opportunity for mutually beneficial collaboration and strengthen the university's sense of community.

For students, the mentoring programme offers the opportunity to meet a specialist in their field willing to share experiences and advice on professional and other self-development topics during the semester. "Each year, the mentoring programme brings together active students and supportive alumni who feel that their experiences could benefit a young person about to enter the labour market. In addition to professional knowledge and advice, mentors support students in finding their path," said Karolin Ossip, coordinator of the university's mentoring programme.

For the third year, the mentoring programme is organised in cooperation with the Estonian Chamber of Mentors. "Mentors applying for the programme do not need to have previous mentoring experience, as they will undergo a short training course by the Estonian Chamber of Mentors and get the necessary basic skills and knowledge," explained Ossip.

In addition to mentors' training and mentor-mentee meetings, the programme will include inspirational joint seminars by renowned experts in their fields.

In the 2023 programme, the seminars and mentor-mentee meetings take place online. This also allows students and alumni currently studying or living abroad to participate in the programme. Similarly, the programme can bring our international students and alumni together as mentees and mentors.

The alumni and board member of the Estonian Chamber of Mentors Ülle Susi has written about the benefits of and need for mentoring in the UT blog: "Being a mentor fosters your growth”.

Application is open until 7 February. For more information about the application and schedule, see the web page

For more information about the application and schedule, see the web page

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