Updating Wellness Education: Pärnu College's Online Master’s in Spa and Wellness Management

The world is changing, and with all the changes, we may need to stop for a while. To look around, inside ourselves and deal with our wellness. And the best place for that is somewhere with a long history of spas.

University of Tartu Pärnu College

Pärnu College shares the academic excellence and traditions of the University of Tartu, established in 1632. We are the centre of Estonia's tourism education, research and development with a refreshing, innovative and friendly learning environment. Active student life with social activities, culture, nature and sports – we have it all! We are the most experienced tourism education provider in Estonia and the only place in Europe where you can get MA in Wellness and Spa Management.

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Applications to international master’s studies can be submitted until 15 March 2023


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Supporting regional development

Pärnu in Estonia – a perfect place to study wellness

In warm autumn days, I like to reach the college with a small detour, and so I take a quiet street that leads me to the park. The Pärnu College is located in a picturesque area at the Pärnu River, and about 15 minutes walking distance from the famous Pärnu beach. Between the beach and some colourful wooden houses and large buildings of medical spas, there is a park with old pine trees, bend by forceful winter storms. The land is flat and vulnerable to floods from the sea and river.

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